Physical Production

John H. Brister


John Brister has overseen 80+ productions, including the Oscar winning best picture Green Book  for Participant / Universal.

His recent TV series as UPM include “The Bondsman” for Blumhouse / Amazon, “Bad Monkey” for Warner Bros / Apple and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” for Sony / Amazon.

He was the UPM on the John Lee Hancock feature Mr. Harrigan’s Phone for Blumhouse / Netflix.

Ethan Hawke relied on Brister’s production expertise for his feature Blaze.

Brister was the UPM on the Craig Zobel feature The Hunt for Blumhouse / Universal, and the Stephen Merchant feature Fighting with My Family for MGM.

Previously, Brister was a senior production executive overseeing a large slate of films.  His involvement included developing the screenplays, working with the sales agents, banks, and bond companies to complete the financing, creating budgets, negotiating actor, director, and union contracts, and overseeing production.  Brister also supervised the post-production process, including delivery and the repayment of production loans.

John Brister grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He graduated with a B.A. in history from U.C.L.A.