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David Bilow, ACE


David Bilow, ACE is a television and feature film editor currently based in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience.

Known for bringing an extraordinary breadth of knowledge of his craft and creativity to filmmaking, David has a diverse background working in a wide variety of genres and has worked with some of the biggest filmmakers in the industry such as Nancy Meyers, Cameron Crowe, J.J. Abrams, Oliver Stone and Robert Redford.  He has also edited some of the most successful and critically acclaimed television series such as Castle Rock (Hulu), The Affair (Showtime), Sweet Tooth (Netflix) and recently finished work on Season 4 of For All Mankind (Apple TV +).

David grew up in San Antonio where his passion for filmmaking began at an early age.  He attended the University of Texas at Austin and received a B.S. in Radio/TV/Film, graduating with honors.