Physical Production

Christine Park


Christine Park, is a mix of Korean-Japanese heritage and was born in Queens, New York. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts and the American Film Institute, Christine Park comes from a family with a strong educational background. Her grandfather was the Dean of Seoul National University, a prestigious institution in South Korea. She has been a film enthusiast since childhood, even skipping her high school graduation to work at Kim’s Video, a renowned NYC store for rare movies. Kim’s Video exposed her to films by directors like Jean-Pierre Melville, Kurosawa, Antonioni, Fellini, Scorsese, Agnes Varda, Hal Ashby, and Hitchcock.These filmmakers encouraged her to think outside of the box, while understanding the fundamentals of storytelling.

Drawing from this inspiration, Christine showcases a portfolio of over 60 projects, spanning acclaimed short films, feature films, TV shows, and documentaries, backed by more than a decade of editing experience. Notable titles include “GREYHOUND,” starring Tom Hanks, “LOVE & MERCY,” starring Paul Dano, the Netflix series “BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR,” starring Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener, and Sophie Kargman’s “SUSIE SEARCHES,” starring Kiersey Clemons, Alex Wolff, and Rachel Sennott.

A pivotal moment in her career was her engagement with “SUSIE SEARCHES,” earning selection at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. Praised in a New York Times review,

“Kargman marks this transition with a playful approach to camera movement and framing, making use of quick turns, collaged jump cuts and split screen. “Susie Searches” is more than comfortable drawing on the staid tropes of its genre, particularly those that paint mental illness as a path to depravity. The film builds a tense and mischievous mood that acts as its hook.”

Furthermore, she contributed additional editing for “DUANE HOPWOOD,” a film listed among Roger Ebert’s best films and nominated for Grand Jury Prize at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. She also co-edited “THE SKINNY,” a 6-episode series produced by Jill Soloway, and starring Jessie Kahnwailer and Illeana Douglas, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. In 2015, her editing ability shone again in “LAND OF LEOPOLD,” earning her the Audience Award at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Christine Park’s journey shows how dedicated she is, with a creative way of thinking that sets her apart in the world of film. She currently lives in Los Angeles.