Physical Production

Zoltan Janossa

Director of Photography

Zoltan was born in 1966 in Budapest, Hungary. He first became interested in photography when he was a teenager, and later in filmmaking and operator work. When he joined the Hungarian film production company (MAFILM) in 1985, his initial interest turned into a true passion. He began his work in the world of filmmaking as a lighting engineer. He had the opportunity to work with the greatest Hungarian film directors – Miklós Jancsó, István Szabó, Béla Tarr. At that time, in his late twenties, he had the opportunity to make some short films as a cinematographer.

Later in his career, as an assistant cameraman, he participated in important international feature films and commercials as a focus puller.

As a camera operator, he worked with great filmmakers and cinematographers such as Directors: Alik Sakharov, Michael Lehmann, Agneszka Holland, Charlotte Brandstorm, Alex Graves, Alex Zakrzewski, David Goyer, Tim Miller, Lesli Linka Glatter, Otto Bathurst and  Cinematographers:  Gavin Struthers, Attila Szalay, David Lanzenberg, Lajos Koltai , Sándor Kardos, Ken Seng, J.P. Gossart, Tim Palmer, Greg Middleton, David Klein, George Still.

He has been working as Director of Photography since 2004, producing short films, Hungarian feature films, and international TV series.

His profession development was negotiated by his mentors – Sándor Kardos and Attila Szalay – with whom he worked on several assignments.