Physical Production

Xing Mai Deng

Director of Photography

Xing-Mai Deng, also known as Mai, is an American-trained award-winning cinematographer originally from Beijing. He spent most of his childhood traveling between China and the US, consuming cinema from every screen he came across, eventually the immersion in the captivating world of cinema ignited his unyielding passion for the art of filmmaking.

When enrolling at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he had served as the director of photography on 1 Student Academy Award winning short film ‘Lalo’s House’, along with 2 Student Academy Award nominated short films ‘Drone’ and ‘Mira’. After receiving his MFA in Film & TV Production, he has thrived in contributing his unique talents and experience in a collaborative environment for storytelling internationally.

Crafting a distinct look in service to the film’s story and tone, his ultimate goal is to help realize the director’s vision. He has extensive experience in capturing drama, comedy, thriller, horror, action, war, courtroom, and sci-fi; his body of work also includes vast applications of CG animation, visual effects, virtual reality, and virtual production.

Xing-Mai is represented by Alexa Lopez and Marina Moyses at Independent Artist Group. He is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, based in Los Angeles and Beijing, and supplying his ability to weave visual narratives that captivate and resonate with a global audience.