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Tim Mirkovich


Hailing from the epicenter of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California, Tim Mirkovich, ACE, is a seasoned second-generation television and feature editor with a distinguished 24-year career, showcasing his expert storytelling craftsmanship in both film and television.

His filmography spans an array of genres including action, drama, mystery, horror, thriller, comedy and sci-fi. His feature experience ranges from blockbuster theatrical studio releases – that have grossed over $250 million worldwide with three #1 domestic box office opening weekends-  to independent gems celebrated for their critical acclaim on the festival circuit. On the television front, Tim has edited over 80 hours of content, spanning network television, cable, and all major streaming platforms. Notably, as a child, Tim appeared as “Young Jason” in “Friday the 13th Part 8″- the 8th installment of the iconic horror franchise.