Physical Production

Shon Hedges


Shonnard Hedges ACE is a film and television editor who worked on the Emmy winning show Black Sails for Starz.  He helped to design the sound architecture that contributed to the show winning the Emmy for Best Sound Editing.  He has edited a range of projects from a 3D IMAX feature documentary African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango to Seth McFarlane’s Sci Fi adventure The Orville He was introduced to film editing when he was  fourteen through his great uncle, William Reynolds, the Academy Award winning editor (The Sound of Music, The Godfather, The Sting and many more)  Although Bill unfortunately passed just a few years later his influence was formative.  Shon attended Middlebury College in Vermont where he majored in Film and minored in Studio Art.  Shon started out as an assistant editor on Quarterlife, a pilot for Marshall Herkovitz and Ed Zwick.  The show was way ahead of its time and was the first show from name filmmakers to be streamed.  After a successful online release the show went Network after being acquired by NBC.  Shon was promoted to editor when the show went to series.  He has cut several pilots, Buppies (BET),  A Marriage (CBS) from Herkovitz and Zwick and most recently Grown, a pilot from actor Jock Sims.  He also cut actor Adrian Martinez award winning debut feature iGilbert.  He has been a series editor on Heroes Reborn (NBC) and the hit television series Bull (CBS) with Michael Weatherly.  He has recently finished working on five seasons of the popular television show New Amsterdam (NBC) as lead editor and Producer (last three seasons). In addition to being an editor Shon enjoys stone sculpting and painting.  He has found a symbiotic relationship between his work in stone and his work as an editor.  Both editing and sculpting start with a raw, unrefined material and slowly are chipped away to reveal meaning.  The ability to envision the final product in the raw material ends up yielding a direct and powerful final product.​