Physical Production

Nathan Gunn


Nathan Gunn is an editor with 20-plus years experience in the film and television industry. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in film theory he became a sound editor at Skywalker Ranch and American Zoetrope in San Francisco. While working on a musical at Skywalker he decided to transition from a career in sound design to picture editing.

It was in editing that he saw the rhythms of storytelling, the musicality  of performance, how emotion and tone could be tuned, and ways of orchestrating excitement, fear, humor, and drama. And it was in the cutting room that the collaborative nature of creation that is inherent to filmmaking was, to him, at its purest.

He saw that the nuanced characters and unique stories that he was drawn to were finding a home on television. He subsequently transitioned from film to become an editor on The Walking Dead.

Television also offered a diverse sandbox of different genres and storytelling modes to play in – from the network adventure of The Blacklist to the gritty realism of Narcos, from the science fiction of For All Mankind to the western drama of Taylor Sheridan’s 1883.