Physical Production

Moe Rai

Line Producer/UPM

Moe Rai is a Line Producer and Production Manager currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Moe has had the privilege of working locally and abroad with Canadian and International talent since 2008 on a variety of productions including; TV Series, feature films, MOW(s), new media among other formats. Moe’s diverse background has been shaped by his upbringings in Damascus, Syria and by immigrating to Toronto, Canada, which has influenced his choice of work on the screen and his skills off the screen. After finishing his studies at the University of Toronto, and graduating with an honors bachelor in ‘Computer Science and Mathematics’, Moe Rai decided to dive into his passion of Filmmaking. He graduated from Toronto Film Schools with honors in Film Production and quickly gathered a vast experience in TV & Film production, marketing, advertising, training and coaching. Being a big believer in helping people to grow their skills to create positive change within themselves and within their communities, Moe’s second passion in training and coaching grew tremendously. He develops and conducts training sessions and programs for non-for-profit organizations.