Physical Production

Moe Bardach, PGA, DGA

Producer / UPM

Moshe “Moe” Bardach was born in Canada and grew up in New York City. He started his career in the film business as a location manager in New York. He worked on Law & Order for 18 seasons, starting off as a location manager, then a UPM, and eventually Co-Producer. After the show ended, Moe began working as a DGA UPM and independent producer on various TV series such as Taxi BrooklynThe Mysteries of Laura, and Quantico. He has also produced several TV Movies and limited series such as ConstanceMadoff, and Mahalia, the latter of which he was nominated for a 2021 Emmy and Critics Choice Award for Outstanding Television Movie. Even though Moe has worked many years in New York City, he has also produced shows in Atlanta, Savannah, Miami, Vancouver, Canada, Italy, Ireland, France, and England.

More recently, Moe produced the episodic TV shows Naomi for Warner Bros., Panhandle and Clean Slate for Sony Pictures Television, and Average Joe for BET+. He has spent the majority of his career producing dramas but as of late has enjoyed working on comedies. He prides his work on cultivating a diverse and enthusiastic cast and crew and is well regarded in the industry as a fun, energetic, and approachable producer.

In his free time, Moe loves to travel and spend time with his 13-year-old son, Benjamin, and wife Bridget. He and his family reside in New York City