Physical Production

Matheus Bastos

Director of Photography

Matheus Bastos is a director of photography based in New York and Los Angeles. Growing up as the first-generation child of immigrants, he found an avenue into the arts and a passion for storytelling at a young age, entertaining himself with films and music. He had a whole life in music as a drummer for about 10 years before becoming a filmmaker. In his free time, he likes to research and test different vintage lenses. Matheus’ work has played at multiple film festivals around the world such as SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Cannes Court Metrage, as well as the MTV VMA Awards, Rolling Stone, VEVO, Billboard, Revolver, and more. Matheus has dual citizenship in the United States and Brazil and is available to travel worldwide. He also goes by the name “Matt”.