Physical Production

Marian Wihak

Production Designer

Toronto based Marian Wihak is an award-winning production designer/multi-disciplinary artist, having won 4 Awards for Best Production Design, and garnered numerous nominations. With over 30 years of experience, she works on a wide range of projects including theatrical feature films, tv series, dance and musical performances, award and variety shows, full studio builds, site specific installations, location retrofits, and world premier theatrical presentations.

Marian excels at designing diverse productions, from period to contemporary, edgy to lyrical, and has worked across Canada, in New York, Poland and South Africa. Recent credits include the SeriesFest winning OUR BIG PUNJABI FAMILY, Shane Belcourt’s feature WARRIOR STRONG, Lori Evans-Taylor’s thriller BED REST, Agam Darshi’s celebrated dramedy DONKEYHEAD, and the period musical STAND! (CSA nomination).

Passionate about amplifying Circular Design and Sustainability within the film industry, Marian sits on numerous committees and panels to this end, and embraces those strategies within her work as a Production Designer.