Physical Production

Laura Cristina Ortiz

Costume Designer

Laura Cristina Ortiz is a Costume Designer and Stylist known for her acute taste in juxtaposing color, pattern and texture. Born and raised in Queens, NY, she is an alumni of the Fashion Institute of Technology and started her career in Broadway.

Since then, she has designed for Studios including Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix, ABC, HBO Max, AppleTV, Dreamworks and many more. Laura’s diversity in design can be seen in the record breaking contemporary horror film The Wretched (2020) to period pieces like the gangster biopic Lansky (2021) to more avant garde fashion films like The Young Wife (2023). Her work was screened at prestigious film festivals such as Sundance, TIFF, Venice International Film Festival, Tribeca, Fantastic Fest!, SXSW, Fantasia Film Festival and more.

Beyond film & television design, Laura also enjoys designing and styling for private clients for photoshoots and events, including, but not limited to RIOT Games, Jon Batiste, Bailey Sarian, Zach King, Kapil Talwalker and Jenny Lorenzo.

Splitting her time between New York City and Los Angeles, Laura enjoys spending her free time with her husband Idan and her dog, Gambit da Incredible Super Pup.