Physical Production

Kendall Bennett

Production Designer

Kendall Bennett’s passion for design and lighting began in high school and community theater in Nashville, TN. He received his undergraduate degree in cinematography from Watkins College of Art & Design. Studying the fundamentals of color and light through the camera lens sharpened his drive and focus towards his true passion for production design. After relocating to Los Angeles and graduating from Los Angeles Film School, he began his career mastering multiple art department roles studying under Emmy nominated West Wing production designer Kenneth Hardy.

As a production designer, Bennett relies on immersive research methods and thrives on turning creative constraints to his advantage, cultivated by his experience growing up as a child with limited means to explore his love of art, travel and architecture. “It’s part of my DNA today. I find inspiration everywhere. Every day. For me, it’s almost always grounded in human experiences of the mundane and familiar, from the visceral story a cold and sterile hospital waiting room tells, to the age and secrets revealed in the layers of paint peeling off a dive bar restroom.” 

In addition to working as a production designer, he garnered attention as an art direction consultant for the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles. He’s also a card-carrying magician member of The Academy of Magic Arts, an accomplished pianist and a self-proclaimed typophile.

Based in Los Angeles, Bennett is currently on location in Chicago, Illinois.