Physical Production

Jim Stanger


Over the past thirty years, Jim has cut more than 2000 National Television commercials. He is one of the top editors in Minneapolis.

When he wasn’t raking in awards for clients like PORSCHE, MAYO CLINIC, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, COCA-COLA, TARGET, KOHLS, BEST BUY and IKEA (including four that are in permanent display at the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART), Jim was honing his art and passion, filmmaking.

His films include LUNCH IN BOMBAY, a documentary that he co-produced, shot and edited — filmed entirely in India, and THE CHROMIUM HOOK, a film he wrote, directed, edited and photographed that played in over 50 film festivals world-wide and won numerous awards including the Bearded Child Film Festival Award for Best Comedy.

Editing dramatic content is his forte. Critically acclaimed SWEETLAND best exlemplifies this, winning the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Tim Guinee’s festival favorite, THE ONE ARMED MAN and Jennifer Kramer’s THE SANDBOX, also highlight his talents. The feature documentary TRAMPOLINE shows his dedication to the craft, sifting through over 150 hours of footage to discover the story within. WE ARE COLUMBINE, another feature doc, explores the trauma and triumphs of  a group of freshman that survived that life altering event.

Based on the success of the CHROMIUM HOOK, Jim also became a go-to director. He’s shot spots for GIBSON GUITARS, MINNESOTA LYNX, GILLETTE CHILREN’S HOSPITAL, CANTERBURY PARK and MAYO CLINIC.

Jim continues to direct and edit in the world of advertising and as always uses his story telling abilities to help his friends and fellow artists pursue their dreams.