Physical Production

Ian Samoil


Ian Samoil is a Director and Producer for Warner Bros. Television in Vancouver, B.C.  He has Directed multiple episodes of “THE 100” (including the show’s penultimate episode #99 “The Dying of the Light”). Ian has also directed multiple episodes of the multi-award winning show “SUPERMAN AND LOIS” and has been the Line Producer as well for season 3 (Saturn Award – Best Superhero Series) and is currently Line Producing season 4.

2nd Unit Directing credits include “SMALLVILLE”, “THE 100”, and “ALTERED CARBON”.  Fearless, focussed and inspired, Ian is a natural leader, Producer, and Director, drawing from years of experience collaborating with cast and crew, and bringing scripts to life.

“My background and experience as a 1st A.D., a Director, and Producer makes me unique, in that I have been responsible for the time and logistics behind the camera, as well as the storytelling and performance in front of it.”