Physical Production

Grace Gilroy


Grace is a preeminent producer known for her decades of work in film and television throughout Canada and the world. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada her vision in the process of filmmaking is unparalleled which combined with her ‘can-do’ attitude, foresight, and great attention to detail, has earned her an exemplary reputation within the industry.  Grace was a partner of Kickinghorse Production Ltd. an Edmonton Production House, which produced numerous documentaries, before moving into larger projects.

Grace has worked on a range of high-level television shows, including Steven Spielberg’s FALLING SKIES, THE X FILES, ZOO, HARPERS ISLAND and the Emmy Award-winning TWILIGHT ZONE, where she also served as Co-Executive Producer. Her other Co-EP credits include BH90210 and NANCY DREW. As Executive Producer, Grace has worked on titles like NO TOMORROW, SALVATION, MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY, and GREASE: RISE OF THE PINK LADIES. She produced multiple seasons of HUMAN TARGET as well as a variety of Pilots such as EDGE, PROOF, ONLY HUMAN, BREED, SHOOTER, EMILY OWENS, MD, HEAVENLY, SPLIT DECISION, DAY ONE and NANCY DREW. While she started out producing several documentaries and smaller dramas, she quickly transitioned to big features, producing comedies, like TOMMY BOY and BLUES BROTHERS 2000 and horror films, like BRIDE OF CHUCKY and SCARY MOVIE 3 & 4.

Grace has been instrumental in molding the guild to its current stature. In Alberta, she is a founding member of Directors Guild of Canada Alberta District Council and served as the Alberta Chair of the Alberta District Council. Currently, she is National Secretary Treasurer of the Directors Guild of Canada, Secretary Treasurer of DGC Health and Welfare Plan and Vice Chair of CEIRP the Canadian Entertainment Industries Retirement Plan. As a mother and a grandmother, Grace strongly believes in giving back, her volunteer work is very important to her. As a mentor to many, she is constantly looking for opportunities to make the life of the entertainment worker better.