Physical Production

Geri Oppenheim

Makeup Department Head

Geri Oppenheim has been adding color and style as a makeup artist in the television and film industry for 27+ years, specializing in doing natural, fresh faced beauty makeup, men’s grooming and character makeup. She had the good fortune of becoming a Local 706 union member, which was a dream of hers when she arrived in Los Angels at the beginning stages of her career.

This early entry into the union opened the door that led her to work on many notable projects from Key Makeup to Department Head with amazing filmmakers and television show runners including “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, “Clueless”, “Nutty Professor”, “Something Gotta Give”, “Crazy Stupid Love”, “Crossing Jordan”, “Parenthood”, “Unbelievable”. and “Goliath”.

Along with designing makeup for Angela Bassett, Emma Stone, Lauren Graham, Jill Hennessy, Ryan Gosling, Beau Bridges and Randy Quaid, to name just a few from the above mentioned projects, Geri has also, for more than 2 decades, travelled the globe with Keanu Reeves doing all the press for his blockbuster movies as well as being his personal makeup artist on several of his films.

In addition to her versatile makeup skills, she’s also a licensed esthetician. This added bonus….the knowledge and love of skin and properly taking care of it, gives her unique insight to creating beautiful makeups that allow the face to glow.

Above all, Geri is extremely dedicated and passionate about her craft. She is a good listener and collaborates well with directors, writers, actors, producers and other creative teams so that she can help bring their visions to life both on the big screen or small. These character assets have allowed Geri to become a successful and sought after makeup artist in this creative field