Physical Production

George Parra


Having worked on over 75 feature films. Covering all genres from big action films such as Terminator 2, The Rock, and XXX. As well as working on studio classics such as Ghost, The Mask of Zorro and The Fast and Furious.  His success came from smaller, more independent films, such as Election, Sideways, The Descendants, Silver Linings Playbook, The Way Way Back, Nebraska, American Hustle and Joy.

Mr. Parra collaborated both as an Assistant Director and now as a Producer, with directors such as Alexander Payne, Peter Yates, Oliver Stone, James Cameron, Michael Bay, Rob Cohen, Martin Campbell, Jay Roach and David O’Russell to name a few.

After Graduating from San Diego State University, with a degree in Film and Theatre, he began his career working as an Production Assistant with directors such as James Cameron and Francis Ford Coppola. He is currently Producing a film for Gore Vernbinski.

A member of the Directors Guild and Producers Guild of America, he has been steadily Producing a number of films for various companies as well as developing his own projects.

Bringing 30 years film production experience. His experience covers all areas of physical production, dealing with budgets ranging from 3 million to 65 million dollars. His many years in the feature film business opens up a vast catalog of accomplished actors, directors and technicians. As well as a strong relationship with all major bond companies, all unions, and all major production vendors.

Along with experience working in most major cities in the US, has also worked in many major cities in the US as well as Eastern and Western Europe, the South Pacific, Mexico and S Africa.

Mr. Parra is fluent in Spanish and resides in Deer Valley, Utah.