Physical Production

Gabriel Williams

First Assistant Director

Gabriel Williams is a 1st Assistant Director, DGA first area, based in Los Angeles and in LEA South Africa. Gabriel has had the pleasure of plying his trade over the past 30 years in many different countries all over the world. Mike Elliott PGA. DGA. SAG, producer and director says the following of his work: ‘I have worked with Gabriel Williams on multiple feature films, including Death Race 2, Death Race 3: Inferno, Scorpion King 4, American Pie: Girls Rules, Rob Zombie’s 31, Dead in Tombstone, and The Bone Snatcher. Working with Gabriel Williams as a First Assistant Director is a pleasure. On every movie he works on, Gabriel creates a smart and sophisticated schedule so that his producer, his director, his cast, and his crew are all on the same page, humming like a well-tuned automobile. He is a qualified expert on all aspects of film production, including the difficult part of special effects, pyrotechnics, action, car chases, airplanes, boats, and safety. Gabriel is the captain of the set. He is a leader. He sets the pace. He gets the work done. And he does it all with a smile. He finds time each day to complement every single member of the crew – from the biggest star to the lowest assistant or helper. Gabriel is in very high demand because he is one of the top Assistant Directors in the world. Gabriel holds himself to a high standard. He is an intelligent, clear-thinking, hard-working, collaborative, safety-conscious, team member. Gabriel holds others to a high standard, too. And he does it with a terrific attitude. People like him and trust him. Gabriel wins many friends with his delightful sense of humor.’