Physical Production

Franco-Giacomo Carbone

Production Designer

Franco has designed films covering almost every genre, from comedy (‘One for the Money’ starring Katherine Heigel) to science fiction (‘Starship Troopers II’).  Among his most notable credits are his collaboration on action films with Academy Award winner Sylvester Stallone (‘Rocky Balboa,’ ‘Rambo’ ‘The Expendables’ and “Last Blood”). He later designed ‘The Last Stand’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His earlier collaboration with Eli Roth (‘Hostel’ and ‘Cabin Fever’) took him into the horror genre, which led to his films with legendary film director and Academy Award winner William Friedkin, for whom he designed two intense psycho dramas ‘Bug’ and ‘Killer Joe’. Franco also received terrific reviews on the all-star cast crime drama ‘Wonderland’ directed by James Cox, and the crime drama ‘The Call’ starring Halle Berry, directed by Brad Anderson.

Franco also designed the MGM hit film “Creed II” where he met writer-director Juel Taylor who tapped him to design the Genre-bending Netflix film “They Cloned Tyrone”.

Franco received his BA from Parsons School of Design and his MFA from the American Film Institute of Film and Television.