Physical Production

Federico Laboureau

Production Designer

Federico Laboureau was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His Latin background and upbringing was highly influenced by his family’s colorful European– French and Italian– heritage. From an early age, he was immersed in the arts, and by 21 had professional experience working for El Teatro Colon– a world class and internationally ranked Opera house. Here, he immersed himself in costume and production design, staging several shows for the Opera. His attention to detail and creative vision led to styling successful shows, high-fashion brands, and publications in magazines. Eventually, Federico’s work led to Creative Director credits. His career has enabled him to travel the globe, collecting experiences to infuse into the creation of his artistic worlds.

His portfolio of clients include: Disney, Amazon, Google, Discovery, Warner, Fox, Spotify, Project Runway Latin America, Mercedes Benz and  Coca Cola, amongst others.

You can find his work at or on Instagram @freaklance.