Physical Production

Eric Norlin

Production Designer

Eric has been a creator from a very early age. His original dream was to become a traditional animator. Through an exploratory artistic education at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Eric graduated with Honours in 1985 with a Diploma in Fine Arts, Majoring in Film & TV. From there he dove headlong into the burgeoning Film & TV Industry in Vancouver, B.C. Starting out, he cut his teeth as an Art Director, Set Designer and then Production Designer. Eric loves working in all genres and prides himself on his ability to pivot creatively & successfully to deliver beautifully rendered sets in whatever style the project demands. He believes that there is no truer saying than “without limitations there is no creativity.”

Eric effectively delivers top quality sets for any budget. He has had the very fortunate honour to have worked with a broad range of skilled and talented Creators, Producers & Directors. Throughout his 38 year career, his projects have ranged from Feature Films to TV Series and a diverse range of movies. One of his key strengths is the ability to effectively communicate his ideas through drawing. It has served him well and is a strong tool in his ability to drive the team forward and clearly illustrate to the whole production team where they are headed on any given project.

He is very satisfied to be a busy Production Designer. Eric works and plays well with others, and it is a point of pride for him to work with supremely talented people in such a joyful and enriching endeavour.