Physical Production

Danielle Statuto


I got my start in filmmaking with the documentary legend Ken Burns at Florentine Films, then continued on to cutting the evening news at Channel 7 Boston. Sick of the night shift, I transitioned to editing broadcast commercials at a post-house in Boston. After eight years, my passion to work in films prompted me to move West. Since landing in Hollywood nearly ten years ago, I’ve focused on scripted television and feature films.

I bring an East Coast authenticity that becomes the foundation of my creative relationships. I’m real, I’m gritty, I’m Italian, I’m telling it like it is. I’m talking fast, laughing loud, and high-fiving you on the way out.

I’m both an intuitive storyteller and an expert “fixer.” I find NEW ways to tell your story, while staying responsive and adaptive in the ever-changing realities of post-production. I reveal the deepest emotion of a scene and I have a particular talent for utilizing sound design and music in my cuts.

As a former Division 1 athlete at Xavier University, I know what it means to commit to a craft and work hard at perfecting it.  I give 300% of everything I’ve got, 24/7/365, period. I bring my teamwork mentality to every collaboration. I’m your point guard in the cutting room. Most importantly, I don’t quit and “good enough” is not in my vocabulary.

With over two decades of experience cutting nearly every genre, I am the trusted co-pilot you want in your editing chair. Hand over your dailies. LET’S FLY.