Physical Production

Danielle Statuto


Born in Brooklyn, NY, and hailing from the snow-laden forests of New Hampshire, Danielle Statuto brings an innate East Coast energy to her work. She is anything but one-dimensional in both her personality and her art.

Danielle is an intuitive artist, weaving together her electrifying energy, laser-sharp focus, and unwavering motivation with her inherent gift for storytelling. She collaborates intuitively with producers, directors, and writers in a whirlwind of excitement (often speaking with her hands) as they watch their shots come to life with a reverberating impact and an exclamation point. Her goal is to leave her creative team thinking: “Wow, I shot that?! That looks great!”

With a strong foundation of technical knowledge and over two decades of experience cutting almost every genre, nothing has ever stood in Danielle’s way. This is the keystone of what makes her edits so particularly interesting and memorable, and why Showrunners think they just got a week’s worth of editing crammed into a couple of days when she’s done.

Danielle is the lime twist on your cocktail, the last phrases of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” sung at the top of your lungs, and the trusted co-pilot you want in your editing chair. Hand over your dailies, because you are in for an experience.