Physical Production

Chris Patterson


Chris’s love of movies started when he first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark as a child. From that moment on he knew he wanted to work in the film business.  Growing up outside of Boston he spent most of his youth making short movies and skateboard videos with his friends and found his passion for editing dubbing clips between two VCRs in his parents’ basement.  After graduating from Emerson College, he moved to New York to begin his professional editing career coming up as an apprentice to Lee Percy, and assistant and associate editor under Andrew Mondshein.

Eventually he moved to Los Angeles where he’s continued to hone his editing skills, working under editors such as Dylan Tichenor and Michael Kahn on projects like The Town, Zero Dark Thirty, and Ready Player One.  In his 20+ years in the business he’s worked with acclaimed directors such as Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Wes Anderson, and Julie Taymor, in everything from indies to television to tentpole films.  The opportunity to have worked with all of these astonishing talents has given him an unparalleled breadth of knowledge, experience, and on the job ‘know-how’ that puts him at the top of his game.