Physical Production

Chris Hill


Chris has been working as an editor for 21 years, but every project still feels like a fresh creative challenge. He loves being part of a strong team working on a great idea. That’s when magic can happen.

He started his career in 1998 interning at Propaganda Films while he was still a college student in New York. His job was to cut together custom reels of directors’ commercial and music video work. Agents would then dispatch the tapes to ad agencies around Manhattan. He loved his year and a half in the vault, studying the early commercial and music video work of directors like Gore Verbinski, Simon West, and Mark Romanek up close. For an aspiring editor in film school, it was heaven.

In 2001, Chris went freelance as an editor at Showtime. And in 2003, he moved to Los Angeles to work on films and series. Getting started wasn’t easy, but he had fun in those early days working on indie projects, focused on expanding both my network and skill set. Over time, larger opportunities and challenges presented themselves.

Since then, he’s worked on over 600 episodes of unscripted series, and 19 feature films. What continues to be most important today is delivering quality, compelling storytelling.