Physical Production

Bonnie R. Benwick

Line Producer

Bonnie Benwick is a successful, experienced Producer, greatly enjoying her many years in Film/TV production. Excelling within both the creative & practical environments, she  values the opportunities in partnering with all levels of on & off set collaborators, within whatever constraints may occur, to create successful projects.

Bonnie’s educational background includes a College Business certificate, a University Communications degree and many various film/tv courses/seminars/programs. Early Career life was in a corporate environment successfully working within the Managerial Level in the Human Resource/Labor Relations department. Drawn by the need for more creative challenges Bonnie moved to the film/tv industry, working up through the Assistant Director ranks to 1st AD, a position she held for more than 10 years, then years as a UPM and onto Producing.

Bonnie’s projects have included numerous awards and nominations. It’s important to Bonnie to create a positive, inclusive environment that promotes greater success for all.