Physical Production

Andreu Rebés AEC

Director of Photography

I have been interested in photography since very young developing my black and white photographs in my home lab in Barcelona, Spain.

I earned a government scholarship to study cinematography at the American Film Institute (AFI) where I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Back in Europe, after shooting several short films, I started my professional career working as a camera operator and 2nd unit cinematographer on several feature films like Rain in the shoes, shot in London, starting Penelope Cruz and Lena Heady.

I focused my work as a DOP on fiction featured films of different genres, I would highlight the sequel of the horror movie classic Beyond Re-animator directed by Bryant Yuzna and the awarded period films based on the successful classic novels, La isla del holandés and El lápiz del Carpintero.

I also worked outside Spain on feature films like the comedy The food guide to love shot in Ireland and the horror movie The Appeared set in Argentina.

Since the film Krámpack, I started a long-lasting professional relationship with the successful director Cesc Gay that has lasted until today. We worked on the awarded best film of the year Goya award feature film Truman.

In the past years, I have been involved in TV series for different platforms like Félix and Todos mienten for Movistar +, Maradona, sueño bendito for Amazon Studios, and the upcoming Apple Studios TV series Land of women starting Eva Longoria.