Physical Production

Valentina Caniglia

Director of Photography

Valentina Caniglia is an award winning cinematographer/director/ producer born in Naples, Italy after being in New York for more than a decade, she moved to Los Angeles. Valentina Caniglia was named in ‘Meet the Cinematographers Behind Some of the Biggest Movies’ TeenVogue’s article and selected by the ASC vision committee to receive the prestigious ASC Vision Mentorship Award program.

Valentina is known for her lighting and camera work on Feature films, Tv series, commercials, music videos. Caniglia’s amazing lighting and camera work is shown on the latest Tv series The Captain directed by Randy Wilkins and Spike Lee, Executive Producer by Spike Lee, the acclaimed feature film Pomegranates and Myrrh, winner of the Golden Dagger at Muscat Film Festival for Best Cinematography. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received the Best Film Award at Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Caniglia’s incredible cinematography on a black and white feature film Adieu Lacan starring David Patrick Kelly won two best cinematography awards at Cult Critic Movie Awards (CCMA) and Global film festival Awards, Soyka two times winner for best cinematography award at New York Cinematography awards, Canadian Cinematography awards; Fire In Water won the best cinematography award at Los Angeles film festival and Madelines Oil, won Best Cinematography award at the Louisiana International film festival.

Valentina is known for the beautiful emotional frames behind Without Grace starring Emmy award winner Ann Dowd, the extraordinary cinematography work for 3 days rising starring Mickey Rourke, Ice-T, Peter Greene, her brilliant work on the film Tape directed by Deborah Kampmeier (Star Trek:Picard, Clarice, Queen Sugar,Virgin, Hounddog) starring Isabelle Fuhrman, and Valentina’s stunning cinematography on the video Stand for a Change starring Vanessa Williams, Billy Porter.

Her wonderful cinematography is shown at the Apple TV series Dear X S2 starring Viola Davis, Ava Du Vernay, Jane Fonda, Sandra Oh, Selena Gomez, Original Netflix series Gypsy starring Naomi Watts, Amazon Prime & Apple TV The Last Supper : A Sopranos story starring David Chase, Federico Castelluccio, Vincent Curatola, Arthur Nascarella, Vincent Pastore which received the Television Academy Emmy Awards 2023 nomination.

Valentina’s recent cinematography is the drama/thriller feature film called ISOLA (Island) starring Fanny Ardant and Joanna Kulig (91st Academy awards and 72nd BATFA Film Awards nomination Best foreign film Cold War) exquisitely filmed through emotional and expressive visuals at the Elba’s Island, Italy.

The paranormal/supernatural thriller feature film, Quail Hallow with Peyton Wich (Stranger Things) and Thomas Francis Murphy and The Drama feature film Resentment with Jon Ponton and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. These movies will all be released in 2024.

Among other films Valentina Caniglia directed “The Amytal Therapy” which was nominated and for best director at multiple film festivals around the world.

Caniglia has worked as a cinematographer for HBO, Netflix, Voyage TV Showtime. She has lensed many nationally aired commercials for British Airways, Dungeons and Dragons, Ford, Nike, GBX Shoes, Planned and Parenthood, Vivitar, Novomatic Marilyn Monroe, Pukka, Altec which received the Telly Awards.

Caniglia has worked on music videos for Aesop Rock, which was number one on MTV’s top ten chart;The Roots, Miss Peppermint,The Stein, Jesse Lynn Madera.

Valentina’s cinematography is attached to TV series Morning, Paris! with Margins Films, Umberto D. (the sequel of the masterpiece past movie by Vittorio De Sica), Our Thoughts with Cuyo Productions and Persephone directed by Deborah Kampmeier.

Valentina translates any kind of projects through an emotional visual journey which always supports the right style and appropriate look for each different stories. Many magazines like American Cinematographer, British Cinematographer describes her cinematography simply unique.