Physical Production

Molly Mayeux

Line Producer/UPM

Molly Mayeux is a distinguished filmmaker recognized for her exceptional production and management skills. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she discovered her passion for storytelling at an early age. At Southern Methodist University, her award-winning thesis, “The Contract,” earned her top graduation honors.

Upon earning a degree in cinema, Molly moved to Hollywood, where she rapidly advanced in her career, working alongside such celebrated filmmakers as Steven Spielberg, and the Farrelly brothers. With over 50 feature films to her name, she made her mark on notable projects such as “Hook,” “Batman Forever,” “Dumb and Dumber,” and “Kingpin.”

As the founder of the production services company, Dahlia Street Motion Pictures, Molly oversees all aspects of the production process – from script development to distribution. Her many credits, including Netflix’s  “The Noel Diary,” Paramount’s “A Nashville Country Christmas,” and Emmy nominated “Biltmore Christmas” highlight her commitment and unparalleled skill of creating high-quality content produced on modest budgets.