Physical Production

Manouk Roussyalian


Manouk Roussyalian began his musical journey as the composer and lead guitarist for the hard rock band “Melancholy.” Alongside his band activities, he expanded his expertise through ghostwriting for international artists across various musical styles.

His transition into film scoring led to significant collaborations, including his work on “Tatort” (directed by Tom Lass, 2022), “Immortals” (directed by Maja Tschumi, 2024), and “Until the Moon is Born in the West” (directed by Lea Bethke). His score for “Ruth” (directed by Yaz Al-Shaater, 2021) was especially acclaimed, earning him a Best Original Score nomination at the Birmingham Film Festival.

In 2023, Roussyalian moved to the U.S. where he took on projects like “Confetti” (directed by Spenser Grammer) and composed for ESPN and the NBA. That same year, he ventured into concert music, highlighted by performances from the Budapest Scoring Orchestra under Geoffrey Pope.

Roussyalian is currently based in Los Angeles and Berlin.