Physical Production

John Tagamolila

First Assistant Director

John Tagamolila (a.k.a. “Tag”) started his career in 1998 as a PA in NYC’s low-budget, indie film scene. Three years later, he relocated to LA and joined the DGA in 2003 as an assistant director.

Twenty years on, with a career spanning both episodic and feature film, Tag brings a calm, practical sensibility and applies a unique, thoughtful approach to each project. Experience and quality mentorship have galvanized several guiding principles in his AD work: 1) building solid foundations in prep maximizes creative exploration on the day, 2) the most complex scenes can always be broken down into smaller, solvable elements, and 3) creating an environment where the cast and crew feel safe to enjoy their work adds value to on-screen quality. He strongly believes that ADs can simultaneously nurture and protect the creative process while also being budget-conscious, and that leading with trust and reliability is essential to developing a truly exceptional on-set ecosystem.

Tag’s most recent episodic credits include BEEF (A24/Netflix) and THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR (MRC/Apple). Latest feature credits include THE IDEA OF YOU (Amazon Studios) and VIOLET (Relativity Media).

Photo credit: Candice Rose (IG: @dicerose_film)