Physical Production

Dariela Ludlow

Director of Photography

Dariela Ludlow Deloya (Director of Photography) is an award-winning cinematographer known for her expertise as a visual storyteller in both feature films and television —standing out as the first female director of photography helming the third season of Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico” series. Her credits span a wide array of positions —director, cinematographer, and producer— and genres, showcasing her extensive creativity and ability to adapt to any film style. Her first feature film, Tr3s, won the Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition in Latin America.

In 2010, she obtained her first nomination at the Ariel Awards for directing the documentary One Day Less, a representation of the slow day-by-day of an old couple living in Acapulco, waiting for their family to visit them. The Mexican Crystal Screen Festival awarded Ludlow as best director. In 2016 she debuted her second film as director, She Was Dania. In the following years, the Mexican Film Academy nominated her for her work as director of photography in The Eternal Feminine (2018) and The Good Girls (2019). It granted her the Ariel Award for Best Cinematography in Tatiana Huezo’s fiction debut, Prayers for the Stolen (2022), winner of the Cannes Un Certain Regard, and shortlisted for the 95th Academy Awards as Best International Feature.

Her third collaboration with director Natalia Beristáin, Noise, delves into Mexico’s femicide reality by showing the grit and solidarity that keeps people pushing against the worst of odds. It remained in Netflix’s Top Ten most-watched films for several weeks.

A Million Miles Away is her second collaboration with director Alejandra Márquez Abella. Born and raised in Mexico City, she graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica with majors in directing and directing photography. She also holds a MA in Cinematography from the Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Recently, she participated in the project ‘La Liberación,’ a Prime Video series created by Alejandra Márquez, where she ventured into directing several episodes, as well as serving as a photographer. Currently, she is working on the color correction process of the series.