Physical Production

Angelica Perea

Production Designer

Angélica studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia, at a relevant moment in the history of the faculty, where she was in contact with well-known artists and filmmakers throughout Latin America with whom she had the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary projects in which the arts came together to architecture and music. From this experience, the interest in developing creative projects through different disciplines has been constant. She has always been interested in the construction of new imaginaries, which, together with her academic experience, became the driving force that would lead her years later to start her career in production and costume design.

THE HISTORY OF THE PINK TRUNK, 2003, a feature film by Libia Stela Gómez. It’s a Neo-Noir psychological thriller whose design was her first project in period films. Then came THE WIND JOURNEYS 2008, a Road movie, and a Drama Film in where she met Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, this being the first of three intense films. THE EMBRANCE OF THE SERPENT, the Adventure Drama fil 2015, would make it known internationally at the time of its nomination for the 2016 Oscar Awards, in the Best Foreign Language category. This nomination was about to be repeated in 2016 with BIRDS OF PASSAGES, an Epic Crime Film, when it was part of the Short List, within the Best Foreign Languages ​​category, of the 2019 Oscar Awards.

These three films represented the fruits of research on cultures at risk of extinction, representing them as solitary communities surrounded by a wild nature, within a universe that allowed him to capture the ideas of spaces and ritual objects in contrast to ordinary worlds.

Perhaps the most important challenge to date was her collaboration with Apichatpong Werasetakul in the film MEMORIA, a Drama Fantasy Film, starring Tilda Swinton, where the cinematographic language was redirected towards plastic creation, sculpting spaces through the combination of texture, light and color.

Currently Angélica has been able to consolidate a multifaceted creative profile, which has become a differential that has given her relevance in the panorama of Latin American cinema, approaching creation from the perspective of visual arts with a marked interest in historical research and an interest in costume design. For her, these are the central axis of the narratives that she has materialized throughout her career. Her vision is that of a woman with a deep creative sensibility, a Latin American sensibility and a global perspective.