Physical Production

Alisa Fredericks

First Assistant Director

Alisa has been working in the Film/Entertainment Industry since 2002 and has worked on a large variety of projects. She has worked on Feature Films, Television Shows, Commercials, Promos and Music Videos.

Born & raised in Iowa, she graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002 with a degree in Film & Media Studies. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles to get started in Hollywood and actually learn what it takes to work in the production world.  Early on, she started working in the Assistant Director Department as a PA, 2nd AD and then a 1st AD.

As a First Assistant Director, she viewed her job as helping the Director get their vision, while helping Production stay within the confines of the budget, schedule and reality.

As Crew & Cast, she works long hours together and often for extended periods of time.  We’ve all been on those sets with a negative vibe, but she strongly believes that it doesn’t have to be that way and tries to do her part to keep spirits up on set and everyone focused in a positive direction.  She thinks information is key and tries to keep all departments as informed as possible so everyone can prepare accordingly along the way to reach our common goal of a great product.